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Cobia Feature Information

Test Scripts

  • A test script is a sequence of instructions that must be followed on a system or asset in order to guarantee that it performs as planned.
  • When a project's asset list is uploaded, Cobia allows all test scripts to be generated automatically.
  • Your test scripts were written by top commissioning engineers, and any extra inspections and tests can be added effortlessly.

Tagging Tracker

  • Our commissioning tagging tracker is automatically produced from the test script to avoid people entering the same information multiple times.
  • Our Users must use this tracker to determine which documentation is necessary for each asset.
  • Users can track the progress of each asset in real time with the dashboard tagging tracker.


  • Our dashboard delivers a single pane of visibility into all essential project indicators. This means entire visibility of the project process, increased productivity, and less stress.
  • L1 – L5 Test Script Status
  • Commissioning IRL
  • L1 – L5 Sign-off Summaries
  • Lookahead
  • Key Issues

Key Issues

  • For easy reporting and accountability, your project's critical issues are readily detected and reported on your dashboard.

Weekly lookahead

  • Providing you with the visibility to know when your key activities are taking place.
  • Giving you the ability to invite users, and colour coordinate your meetings.

QR Code

  • For each asset, Cobia develops a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a folder containing all relevant documentation for that asset.
  • Possibility of printing and sticking these to the kit.


  • Ability to automatically generate your project reports.


  • Cobia is accessible on the app store and can be viewed on any device with an internet connection.
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