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Cobia - The Ultimate Commissioning Management Software

    Cobia is a sophisticated commissioning management solution, designed by gecko software to handle large and complex data while maintaining data traceability.

    We are providing you with the most current breakthrough in Commissioning management software. It was created in-house by our software team in partnership with some of Europe's top commissioning engineers for commissioning managers. Cobia was established to make sure that every step of the commissioning process is documented, traced, and held accountable. It is a cutting-edge, user-friendly, and most importantly cloud-based platform that better reflects the industry's requirement to be flexible in today's ever-changing environment while also providing you with a commissioning delivery platform that's suitable for the twenty-first century.


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About Cobia

In order to manage large and complex data effectively and ensure data traceability, we have created a powerful commissioning management tool called Cobia.

Cobia is the latest advance in commissioning management software offered by Global-Tech. Cobia has been developed by our in house software team alongside some of Europe’s leading commissioning engineers, to take the unknow out of your commissioning process and bring certainly to the procedure.

Cobia has been designed to be an innovative, intuitive and most importantly cloud based to better reflect the industries need to be agile in today’s ever changing environment and provide you with a commissioning management platform fit for the 21st century”. The software has been designed to provide clear tracking, traceability, and accountability for each stage of the commissioning process for all of your assets and systems

Cobia allows us to easily perform commissioning related activities such as following pre-commissioning checklists, recording data by filling up test records, and having your level 1-3 test scripts automatically created by uploading your asset list.


Commissioning documentation
and delivery platform

Predefined CxM Procedures
and Test Scripts

Project Reporting

Real Time
Progress Reporting

QR Code
Asset Tagging

Predefined CxM Procedures and Test Scripts

Project Reporting Dashboard

Real Time Progress Reporting

QR Code Asset Tagging

Key Highlights of Cobia Commissioning Management Software

  • First in its segment
  • Low cost
  • Fully cloud-based, can be accessed from anywhere, at any time, with an internet connection. 
  • Full audit trial
  • Customisable to meet varied project needs
  • Complete traceability
  • 24/7 customer support

How Does Cobia Commissioning Management System Work?

Designed to meet all the commissioning needs of a variety of projects, Cobia is available on and via App Store. This intelligent commissioning management platform is quite simple to register/signup and use. 

  • Once the Asset List is uploaded to the system, it automatically creates L1-L3 check sheets.
  • Tagging Tracker is required to be completed and Cobia will then gather all information to provide you with a detailed, easy-to-read metrics on its dashboard.  
  • Weekly/monthly reports can be run to track the progress that you can share with the client.
  • Cobia allows you to upload all the relevant commissioning documentation to the system, with an approval process. 
  • The system provides you with the ability to complete L1-L3 Check Sheets and finger sign them. Email notifications are sent to inform you of who has signed the Check Sheets.
  • Cobia develops a QR code, which when scanned, leads to the folder containing all relevant documentation for a given asset.

Cobia Feature Information

Fully Secured Platform

An HTTPS secure platform, Cobia Commissioning Management System is hosted on Microsoft SQL server, in Dublin and Amsterdam. It is backed up regularly to prevent any loss of information. A back-up link is also provided to users for emergency use of the system, in the event of system server failure. 

Dedicated Support

Customer Support for Cobia commissioning management system is available between 6 a.m. and 7 p.m. (BST), seven days a week. Additionally, we provide support out of the designated hours, if requested by the client. Besides, the Cobia team work with the clients at any point outside of the regular hours, should they be experiencing any glitch or need quick assistance.

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Cobia Feature Information

Test Scripts

  • A test script is a sequence of instructions that must be followed on a system or asset in order to guarantee that it performs as planned.
  • When a project's asset list is uploaded, Cobia allows all test scripts to be generated automatically.
  • Your test scripts were written by top commissioning engineers, and any extra inspections and tests can be added effortlessly.

Tagging Tracker

  • Our commissioning tagging tracker is automatically produced from the test script to avoid people entering the same information multiple times.
  • Our Users must use this tracker to determine which documentation is necessary for each asset.
  • Users can track the progress of each asset in real time with the dashboard tagging tracker.


  • Our dashboard delivers a single pane of visibility into all essential project indicators. This means entire visibility of the project process, increased productivity, and less stress.
  • L1 – L5 Test Script Status
  • Commissioning IRL
  • L1 – L5 Sign-off Summaries
  • Lookahead
  • Key Issues

Key Issues

  • For easy reporting and accountability, your project's critical issues are readily detected and reported on your dashboard.

Weekly lookahead

  • Providing you with the visibility to know when your key activities are taking place.
  • Giving you the ability to invite users, and colour coordinate your meetings.

QR Code

  • For each asset, Cobia develops a QR code that, when scanned, leads to a folder containing all relevant documentation for that asset.
  • Possibility of printing and sticking these to the kit.


  • Ability to automatically generate your project reports.


  • Cobia is accessible on the app store and can be viewed on any device with an internet connection.

Want to know more about Cobia ?

If you have a project where you feel you would benefit from our expertise,
please contact our software team directly.

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